Find out which UK airports are most likely to have delays

Friday, June 30, 2017

If you are planning on flying out of the United Kingdom this summer, there’s a 20% chance that your flight will be delayed by more than 30 minutes. According to a BBC analysis based on data provided by the Civil Aviation Authority, approximately 38.000 out of 199.000 international flights that departed between June and September of last year left later than originally scheduled.

Whereas the majority of flights departed from London airports, in the chart below you can find a better representation of the top 10 airports.

On average, international flights were delayed by 21 minutes. The lengthiest delay was a flight from Manchester to Dusseldorf. Although flying this route typically takes an hour and 40 minutes, this particular flight was delayed by an absurd 13 hours.

In regards to non-European destinations, flights to Ghana, Canada, the United States, Israel and Ukraine are most likely to be affected. Last year for example, 70% of flights from Heathrow to Accra experienced a delay of over half an hour.

Written by: Team