Attendant strikes passenger with bottle of wine, saves the day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On Delta Air Lines flight 129 from Seattle to Beijing, the 23-year-old Joseph Hudek, caused a commotion as he lunged towards the exit door, forcing the pilot to take the plane back to Seattle.

An hour into the flight the passenger made his way to the restroom, only to immediately exit again. He then asked a flight attendant a question and quickly re-entered the restroom. Two minutes later the passenger came out of the restroom and leaped for the exit door handle. Fortunately two attendants were there to stop him. However, the man did not comply and punched one of the attendants in the struggle which ensued. Another flight attendant then grabbed two wine bottles and struck him herewith. Other passengers joined the attendants and were able to subdue the assailant long enough to constrain him with zip-ties.

Upon arriving back in Seattle, Hudek was taken away by police. If convicted, he can face up to 20 years in prison in addition to a fine of £195,000.