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Ryanair shamefully cancels 6 flights

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Last Sunday Ryanair cancelled 6 flights from Charleroi, Belgium. According to La Libre Belgique, this wasn’t because of bad weather as the airline stated, but rather because the carrier didn’t have sufficient pilots for their flights. While the airline still denies that this is the case, the Belgian newspaper has found evidence that contradicts this argument.

At the time there was moderately ill-favoured weather in Italy, meaning that flights to and from Charleroi got cancelled. However, this wasn’t unfavourable enough to cancel 6 different flights. As per one of Ryanair’s pilots, the real reason behind the cancellations is then the issues surrounding crew scheduling in such an event. The same pilot also stated that this information has been confirmed by the airport’s operational centre.

The reasoning behind the cancellations is of key importance. While adverse weather conditions doesn’t entitle you to EU compensation, an airline’s lack of crew does as this is considered an operational issue.