“I’m going via the wing!”

Thursday, January 4, 2018

“I’m going via the wing!” aren’t words that you would like to hear on an airplane, even if this already landed. Well that’s exactly what one Ryanair passenger outed after flight FR 8164 from London Stansted to Malaga was delayed by approximately an hour upon arrival.

The Polish 57-year-old, who was sat on the wing of the plane, then activated the emergency door and left. Well, not really left as he remained on the wing for some time with his carry-on luggage before the cabin crew persuaded him to re-enter. While the action seems rebellious, it wasn’t well thought-out as he had no place to go.

However, according to the passenger sat next to him, the man seemed to be suffering from asthma throughout the flight. Even having used his inhaler a few times on the airplane stating that he didn’t like flying and has issues breathing at times. Being stuck on a plane for longer than necessary might then have felt like too high of a demand for the man.

Although his motives are somewhat understandable,  as this is considered  a critical security breach, the airport security had no other choice than to arrest the man. He now faces the potential of being fined up to four figures.