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Dutch and German pilots join strike scheduled for August 10

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ryanair has already been hit by 4 strikes (pilots and cabin crew) in the last 6 weeks and will see their 5th one occur next Friday, August 10. This time, they have been informed well in advance by the pilot unions of Belgium and Sweden that said unions were joining the strike. 146 flights have already been cancelled and passengers have been informed. A total of 25,000 passengers will be affected by the strike.

Ryanair pilots strike cancelled flight

Ryanair's German pilots will also go on strike

Things are shaping up even worse for the airline as their German pilots have confirmed their participation in the Strike. The total number of flights cancelled due to the industrial action could easily reach 400. Dutch pilots will also join the walkout scheduled for Friday August 10. Ryan air has stated that they will contact the affected passengers and will try to relocate them to other flights of completely refund them if they don’t wish to travel anymore.

In accordance with the growing dissatisfaction coming from other members of Ryanair’s workforce, German pilots have become unhappy with the airline’s practices of moving them around the European bases on a short, and sometimes nonexistent, notice.

The head of the German pilots’ Union Vereinigung Cockpit, Martin Locher, stated that he expects that “the strike will lead Ryanair to say they are ready to compromise with us and enter serious negotiations".

Ryanair operates around 2,400 flights a day in Europe. Last month, the airline was forced to cancel more than 600 flights due to the industrial action that took place in Portugal, Spain and Belgium. It is expected that the toll on its operations this Friday will be similar.

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