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Ryanair cancels 150 flights due to strikes in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Today, Friday 28 of September, Ryanair has been affected by another strike. This time it has affected 150+ flights and more than 24,000 passengers. Most certainly, one of the biggest flights the airline has faced. Another 7,000 passenger have been informed that some disruptions might happen over the weekend and that they should consider changing their schedules.

Ryanair still plans on operating as usual during Friday and have stated that the amount of disruptions have been minimised. It has also told its clients that any change in their flight’s schedule will be notified via SMS and e-mail.

In a statement released by the airline, Ryanair called the industrial action ‘unnecessary’ and also claimed that employees from Lufthansa had influenced the German Union that called on the strike. According to the Irish airline, the German union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) is controlled by Lufthansa’s workers.

Ryanair September Strike compensation

Ryanair managed to reach a collective agreement with three Italian unions, avoiding then a bigger strike today. Ryanair’s chief people officer, Eddie Wilson, stated the following: “This follows recent cabin crew agreements in Ireland with FORSA and in the UK with UNITE (…) we have again invited our German, Portuguese and Spanish unions to meet with us so that we can negotiate and hopefully agree similar CLAs in these other larger markets".

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