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Flybe cancelled flights and is closing bases, claim compensation

Sunday, April 28, 2019

On April 3, Flybe cancelled flights from and to Birmingham, Newcastle, Southampton, Belfast City, Aberdeen and Edinburgh arguing that operational reasons were behind the annulments.

The airline left more than 1,000 passengers stranded. Most of whom were travelling on domestic flights in the UK. Not only are they entitled to compensation. If they did not end up taking a replacement flight, they are also entitled to the refund of the price paid for their respective tickets.

Flybe, by trying to cut costs and reducing operations, is trying to avoid going into administration. Cases like the bankruptcy of Wow Air, Air Berlin and Monarch Airlines should remind us how competitive the industry can be.

Flybe, claim compensation for cancelled flight

Future Flybe flights to be operated as scheduled

Flybe is also closing bases in Cardiff and Doncaster. Jobs have been put at risk, but the effort might ensure the airline’s survival in the following months. As we previously mentioned, the airline has been bought by Virgin Atlantic through Connect Airlines. Flybe’s value was determined to be GBP 2.2 million. The buyout guarantees that the company will strive to operate all their future flights as scheduled.

You might be entitled to compensation for the cancellation of your flight

Even though Flybe is trying to restructure its fleet to become profitable, they still have the obligation to compensate their passengers in case of delays and cancellation caused by non-extraordinary circumstances. You can check your flight for free and later submit your claim under our no win no fee basis. Our team will make sure that the airline pays you what you’re owed.

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