Volotea, the growing airline of 2018

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Spanish airline increased its revenues by 63% in 2018. Its operating profit reached 16.6 million euros, breaking the records of previous years. This is mainly due to the growth of the market and the fact that the airline reached a flight occupancy of 93%. Revenues have been rated as the best in its history.

How many passengers have flown with Volotea?

The airline published last May its results for 2018. According to this document, the airline carried 6.57 million passengers (an increase of 36% over 2017). The company operated 20% more flights during 2018, reaching a grand total of 53,400 flights. The increase in profits is a reflection of the fact that the airline reached a surprisingly high occupancy of 93.1% (percentage of seats sold). This implies that not only did they manage to operate more flights, but it also managed to sell them more efficiently.

Volotea's CEO, Carlos Muñoz, said: "We are very satisfied with our results, which show solid growth. After only seven years of activity, our strategy of connecting Europe's medium-sized cities through direct flights without passing through large hubs is confirmed and we are able to grow at very important rates. The addition of more Airbus A319 also allows us to increase our capacity year on year with more efficient aircraft and thus increase Volotea's profitability’’.

What does the future hold for Volotea?

The airline calls itself the airline of Europe's small and medium sized cities, and in 2019 seeks to demonstrate this through the opening of 41 new routes and has already added 6 aircraft to its fleet. The goal is to reach the 7.5 million passenger mark.

According to the company, "In 2019, Volotea shall operate 319 routes between more than 80 cities in 13 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg and Morocco. Volotea operates its routes with 36 aircraft in 2019. Its fleet includes Boeing 717 and Airbus A319".

Claim your compensation for a delayed or cancelled Volotea flight

As a European airline, Volotea must comply with EC Regulation 261/2004. If you have experienced a cancellation or flight delay while flying with Volotea, you can file a claim and you may be entitled to compensation for the problems that were caused. You are entitled to receive up to 600 euros! Check your flight here:

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