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Strikes that may affect air traffic in Europe during August 2019

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ryanair pilot strike; August 2019

Your air travel could be disrupted during the following weeks. Ryanair’s pilots recently voted to go on strike beginning on 22 August. The industrial action would continue on 2 September if an agreement between the company and the pilots is not reached. The latter would see a pilot walk-out of 72 hours while the former will consist of 48.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association is currently in the midst of negotiating the salaries of Ryanair’s pilots. The airline has, historically, refused to work with unions. Brian Strutton, Balpa’s general secretary, stated that they have not received an offer from Ryanair.

Heathrow ground staff industrial action may also occur

Heathrow airport recently avoided severe disruptions by making an offer to its workforce. A 48 hours stoppage was scheduled to take place last Tuesday but was called off after an offer by the airport was presented to Unite, the trade union involved in negotiating new pay structures for the ground staff. A whopping 177 flights were in risk of being cancelled due to the planned strike.

Notwithstanding, if Unite does not agree with the offer made by the airport, the walk-out scheduled for August 23 and 24 will still take place. This action would coincide with the Ryanair pilot strike.

British Airways may also be affected by a pilot strike

The airline is still in negotiations with Belpa regarding its pilot remuneration structure. If these negotiations were to fail, the pilots could strike having notified the airline two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the industrial action.

Ryanair crew claim compensation

Flights cancelled and delayed all across Europe due to a strike, can I claim compensation?

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