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British Airways strike: What you need to know and how you can claim compensation

Monday, September 9, 2019

British Airways had recently announced strikes for Monday the 9th September and Tuesday the 10th September 2019. Today on Monday 9th September, most British Airways flights are cancelled. This should include all of Tuesday’s (10th September) flights as well and might affect some flights running into Wednesday (11th September).

British Airways is advising passengers NOT to come to the airport if their flight is cancelled.

This is the first time pilots from British Airways have gone on strike, leaving around 1600 flights cancelled. As a result, the disruptions may cost British Airways a whopping £40 million per strike day.

My flight was affected by the British Airways strike: can I claim compensation?

Generally, if your flight has been cancelled you are entitled to a full refund if the airline did not provide you with a viable alternative to reach your final destination or if you've decided not to fly at all. Furthermore, if you've arrived at your final destination with a delay greater than two hours, you are entitled to claim compensation.  Our team at has the experience and the databases full of flight information to determine if you are able to claim compensation.

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Why is the British Airways pilot strike happening?
British Airways pilot strikes

BALPA (British Air Line Pilots Association) claimed that due to recent growth in profits within British Airways, pilots should be receiving an increase in pay. However, back in July, the airline had already proposed an 11.5% pay increase, which was rejected by BALPA under the justification that the airline had made significantly better numbers and that pilots should be seeing that reflected in their paychecks.

However, British Airways have explained that their pilots are already getting "world-class" salaries and that there must be a misunderstanding with the pilots since all other airline staff has accepted the offer.

Will another strike affect British Airways' operations in September?

Another strike is planned for Friday, September 26 if BALPA and British Airways do not come to an agreement within the next few days or weeks. According to British Airways, the airline is aiming to contact all passengers that have booked any flights for this day. Both sides seem to want to end the dispute between both parties sooner rather than later, preferably before the end of the month. Something that will, hopefully, reassure passengers that no more strikes will disrupt booked travel plans.

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