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Flybe files for administration

Thursday, March 5, 2020

After merging with Connect Airways and the planned rebranding to Virgin Connect, Flybe has filed for administration during the early hours of the 5th March 2020. The airline was the largest regional airline in Europe, mostly operating flights within the UK.

Flybe bankruptcy: why did the airline collapse?

After having struggled for the past months and having requested a loan from the UK government, the airline ran into additional difficulties due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. The virus has not only affected Flybe but many other global airlines who are experiencing a reduced demand in air and are also suffering due to the restriction on operating to and from mainland China..

At the point of collapse, it was still unclear if the airline would be granted a loan in order to support its operations. According to reports, the airline was making annual losses of nearly £20m.

Unfortunately, all flights operated by Flybe are now cancelled.

Flybe collapse: who is affected?

The regional airline, responsible for 40% of all domestic flights in the UK, had provided jobs for as many as 2000 people, operating flights from larger UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter and Southampton. Being a major player within the domestic UK travel field, the collapse of the regional airline may make it increasingly difficult for travellers with UK destinations as the airline provided a valuable method of transportations for many business passengers.

Flybe collapse: can I still claim compensation for a Flybe flight?

According to the EU Regulation EC No 261/2004, the bankruptcy of Flybe does not make you eligible for compensation. Furthermore, please be advised that all Flybe flights are grounded as of today.

Advice for passengers booked onto a yet-to-depart Flybe flight

Flybe files for administration

The airline has advised all passengers booked onto a flight for Flybe that is yet to depart not to travel to the airport as all flights are cancelled with immediate effect. However, if you have booked onto a flight with the airline’s partner Eastern Airways or Blue Islands, then Flybe advises you to contact the airline these airlines for clarification regarding your travel arrangements.

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