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Vueling offers no financial refund for tickets

Monday, July 13, 2020

Vueling, part of one of the largest airline companies IAG (International Airline Group), which generates billions of euros in revenue every year, has refused to reimburse passengers affected by the thousands of cancellations during the COVID 19 crisis.

DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE has secured refunds for Vueling passengers. Only in November, we helped more than 1,000 Vueling passengers across Europe get their money back.

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Vueling is currently offering the possibility to request a refund for flight cancellations on its website. At present, however, passengers can only select vouchers as a refund option, which must be used by the airline before the end of this year.

Passenger rights are protected by European directives

The EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 on air passenger rights not only governs the right to compensation for passengers in the event of delays or cancellations but also protects the right to reimbursement in the event of flight cancellations if the airline is unable to offer a flight on similar terms. In some interpretations, the passenger has the right to a refund of the ticket for the cancelled flight if he or she considers the flight to be no longer justified, for example, if the journey is no longer of any use due to a missed appointment. This also applies if the airline has already offered a replacement flight for the next day.

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If you have been affected by a flight cancellation due to COVID-19, you cannot claim compensation. However, you can easily check your flight here, and although you are not entitled to be compensated, you may be entitled to the full refund of your booking. We can help you claim those costs back if the airline has refused to reimburse you. Chek your flight below:

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Some governments have sided with the airlines

In both Italy and the Netherlands, governments declared that they would allow airlines to offer travel vouchers instead of financial reimbursement of tickets. However, this was not in accordance with the law and the European Commission had to officially state that the airlines and the Members States should comply. Several organisations defending passengers' rights, such as, will disagree with decisions made by the airline if they refuse to reimburse passengers and take legal action against the airlines so that the courts of the countries can eventually set a precedent.

Why are travel vouchers unfair to passengers?

The legislation protects the right to reimbursement of ticket costs in the event of flight cancellations when the passengers concerned believe that the reason for the journey may no longer exist. This is the case, for example, if they wanted to fly to a family member's wedding but have already missed it). Since the party in breach of contract is the airline, it is reasonable that the passenger should have the option of a full refund of the ticket price.

Vouchers also correspond to the value of the cancelled trip. If passengers then want to rebook their flight, they often have to pay more for the new ticket. urges Vueling and all other airlines to comply with European regulations and to refund the tickets of the passengers concerned if they prefer this option to vouchers or travel credit.

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