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Flight-Delayed.co.uk secures ticket refunds for passengers of Vueling

Friday, November 26, 2021

After months of negotiations, Flight-Delayed.com secured refunds for cancelled Vueling flights, in accordance with European regulations. Only in November, we helped more than 1,000 Vueling passengers across Europe get their money back.

In the summer of 2020, Vueling decided to refuse to reimburse passengers whose flights were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Spanish airline offered only vouchers instead of actual monetary refunds.

From the beginning, the stance of legal experts at Flight-Delayed.com was that such a move is not compliant with European law, particularly the EU261 regulation. In September 2021, along with 15 other major European airlines, Vueling agreed to follow the recommendations of the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities, and start processing the refunds. 
In November, after additional legal pressure from Flight-Delayed.com, the airline started paying out refunds for cancelled flights to passengers who submitted their claims with our help. Although some of the passengers had to wait more than a year to get their money back, we’ve never stopped fighting for their rights.

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I have already accepted a travel voucher from Vueling. Can I still claim my refund?

In some cases, yes.

Generally, this depends on whether you have voluntarily accepted a voucher or have been forced to do so.

In the first months of the pandemic, Vueling was offering only vouchers. If you have received the voucher in such circumstances, from a legal standpoint, you were forced to take it, as no monetary refund was officially offered to you. Hence, you might be able to now change the voucher for money.

Claim your Vueling refund with the help of Flight-Delayed.com

If your Vueling flight was cancelled due to COVID, we can help you secure a refund.

We have been on the market for over a decade, have legal teams in 9 countries, and have won 98% of court cases against airlines.

With our smart online system, it takes as little as a few minutes to submit your claim — and you can do it right from your phone or your computer.

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Am I entitled to compensation in the event of a cancelled Vueling flight?

If your flight was cancelled due to COVID, you are not eligible for compensation. This is due to the fact that the cancellation was not a fault of the airline, being caused by travel restrictions imposed by governments.

However, if your flight was cancelled because of the airline’s fault 14 days prior to the departure, or if you had a flight delay of more than 3 hours, you might be entitled to up to £520 in compensation.

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