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Ryanair strikes in Spain at the end of June — more strikes and flight disruptions to be expected in summer

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Spanish cabin crew of Ryanair has announced that they will go on strike at the end of June. This will have a significant impact on travelers across Europe.

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Ryanair strike in Spain — what can you expect?

Ryanair's Spanish cabin crew union plans to strike at the end of June as Ryanair refuses to increase their wages. Ryanair Italian staff union struck earlier this month for the same reasons.

The Ryanair strike in Spain is planned for June 24, 25, 26, 30 and July 1, 2. In Italy, the Ryanair strike lasted a day at all Italian airports, disrupting dozens of flights during the day.

With a strike lasting almost a week, even more flight disruptions are to be expected. Moreover, the Ryanair Spanish strike adds pressure on European airports already suffering from staff shortages and long waiting lines. We expect airlines to cancel flights globally this summer to regulate air and airport traffic.

Ryanair crew strikes in Spain and Europe — why are they striking?

Because of the current situation with staff shortages across Europe at airports and airlines, current employees are suffering from high work pressure and bad working conditions, leading them to strike more and more. We should expect more flight disruption due to strikes in the coming months.

Ryanair Spanish union announced that they are currently in talks with Ryanair unions in Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal to conduct similar strikes during the summer.

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For now, and despite the strike warrant, Ryanair did not announce any flight disruptions for the end of June. Flights will most likely be cancelled or delayed at the last minute. Since the delays and cancellations will be the airline's fault, passengers will most likely be eligible for flight compensation and refund.

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