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Crowds and long queues at Eindhoven Airport — no improvements in sight before October

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Amsterdam Schiphol is not the only Dutch airport affected by long security and check-in lines this summer. Passengers flying from the Eindhoven Airport have been experiencing the same issues in the past few weeks. According to the airport’s CEO, long lines are likely to continue up until October.

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Long queues keep happening and are likely to continue at Eindhoven Airport

Recently, queues at Eindhoven Airport have been up to half a kilometre away from the airport’s entrance. In some cases, passengers had to wait more than 4 hours to finally pass through security.

Roel Hellemons, the airport’s CEO, recently mentioned this situation in an interview given to the Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad: “The problems will continue until the autumn break, at the end of October. This is the realistic estimation.”

Passengers should then get ready to experience crowded airports for a little bit longer, until, hopefully, the staff situation resolves itself.

Crowds at Eindhoven airport — why will it get better at the end of October?

According to Hellemons, the shortage of staff is not due to the airport firing people during the pandemic but more because everything has been on hold for a couple of years: no training could happen and temporary contracts were not continued.

Unfortunately, training people takes time. Once training resumes and new employees pass the necessary courses, the staff shortage issue should get resolved.

How to avoid the long queues at Eindhoven Airport?

Even though we understand that you might be worried about missing your flight because of the crowds and long waiting times, the Eindhoven Airport, just like Schiphol, advises the passengers not to come too early to the airport — 4 hours should be enough.

We also have some good tips on how to avoid long lines at airports — this will most likely help you plan your trip ahead!

Eindhoven Airport delayed, cancelled or missed flight — what should you do?

Crowds and long queues can indeed lead to passengers missing their flight. But these are not the only issues that passengers are facing this summer. Airlines themselves, due to many different reasons, might cancel flights or delay flights at the last minute.

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