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Transavia cancels flights during the May holiday due to plane shortage — claim flight compensation

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Transavia is in 2024 again facing issue with plane shortage. Read our most recent news about the Transavia plane shortage to get the latest information!

Transavia, a popular holiday flyer, is facing challenges in guaranteeing flights during the upcoming Dutch May holiday period. Due to plane shortage, some flights have already been cancelled, and passengers have been advised to be prepared for the possibility of last-minute cancellations.

“It’s the airline’s legal duty to provide financial compensation in such circumstances and we [] are here to help passengers receive what they're entitled to.”, comments’s CEO Tom van Bokhoven.

Why is Transavia cancelling May holiday flights?

According to a spokesperson for Transavia, the company was already operating at maximum capacity, and any disruption to their schedule has a domino effect on all flights.

The airline is also struggling with a shortage of aircraft equipment, which is causing issues with their flight schedule. Amongst the issues, we could for instance mention the fact that Transavia has faced difficulties in getting parts from Boeing, which is currently grounded two of their planes.

Moreover, Transavia was expecting to receive 5 planes from the Romanian airline Blue Air, which has recently gone bankrupt. However, because getting them ready is taking more time than Transavia expected, only 2 out of the 5 aircrafts are actually ready to fly.

Latest news Transavia flights — how to know if your flight is cancelled?

If you are scheduled to travel with Transavia during the upcoming May holiday period, it's important to stay informed about the status of your flight. Due to the challenges the company is facing, some flights may be cancelled at the last minute. To check if your flight has been cancelled, you can visit the Transavia website or contact the airline directly.

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Transavia flight cancelled? Claim flight compensation and refund!

Transavia cancels flights at the last minute because of internal issues. As the airline is fully responsible for those flight cancellations, it must grant passengers flight compensation and refund under the EU regulations on air passengers rights.

“Transavia may be facing challenges, but as an airline, they have a responsibility to ensure their flights operate as scheduled. If they can’t, it is also their responsibility and legal duty to compensate passengers financially for the inconvenience,” reminds Tom van Bokhoven, CEO of

The EU regulations state that passengers whose flights are cancelled less than 14 days before departure are entitled to compensation up to £520 and/or full monetary refund of their flight tickets.

How to claim Transavia flight compensation and why claim with

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