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Your travel plans fell through? Use!

Have you ever had to cancel a trip or holiday? Not only is it a big frustration, but coming to terms with the fact that you won’t be able to spend that week in Bali, after you’ve been breaking your back for a whole year, is heart-breaking. Adding insult to injury, you’ve called the airlines, e-mailed the hotels and checked with the train companies and you’ve received the bad news: all your tickets and bookings are non-refundable.

Do not fall into despair! If you’ve had to cancel your travel plans, for whichever reason, you now have a new tool at your disposal to avoid losing all your hard earned cash. The name of this new travel hack:

Sell travel plans

Unused travel bookings and hotel rooms. A £10 billion dilemma

According to the BBC, travel plans that are worth around £10 billion (estimated in 2012) are left unused and unenjoyed every year by travellers who have had to cancel their plans. They probably cancelled their flights too, adding another £7 billion to the tab.

This is where will help you. They’ve created an online market place in which you can sell your holiday plans.


Can I just sell my travel plans? Even if they are non-refundable?

There are 3 things you must take into consideration before listing your reservations and bookings on

  • Talk with your provider to figure out if you can receive a refund for your booking
  • Ask your travel insurance company if the expenses are covered by your policy
  • Ask the company if you can change the name on your booking


As of July 2018, the process of changing the name on your travel plans has been simplified by The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. You are only required to inform the travel provider about the change within a reasonable timeframe: 7 days. In return, they have to let you know and be transparent about the costs and fees associated with the modification.


Selling and buying travel plans securely offers a platform in which they verify and validate the travel plans, before they get listed, so then you can buy and sell them securely. If you’ve had to cancel your holidays unexpectedly and you want to recover some of the money you’ve spent on them, head on to and create a listing for them!


Cancelled holidays due to a problem with your flight?

If this is the case, it is Flight-Delayed who can help you. If your plans were disrupted by a flight’s cancellation or delay, you may very well be entitled to compensation. Check your flight and start the claiming process here:


Claim my compensation


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